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Illustration: Are you unsure about getting vaccinated?

Are you unsure about getting vaccinated?

It’s quite normal to feel uncertain. To help you make your decision, we have listed some links to information about the coronavirus vaccination on this page.

I’m concerned about the side effects of the vaccines, or about their effectiveness

Safety has been the priority for the coronavirus vaccines. Very strict safety requirements have been applied. Just like with every vaccine that is used in the Netherlands, such as the vaccines against flu, polio or measles.

It’s true that you can still get infected with coronavirus even after you have been vaccinated. However, the chance that it will actually make you ill is much lower. And the chance that you will spread the virus is also much lower if you have been vaccinated.

About side-effects and effectiveness

I am uncertain because I don’t like injections

This is very common – 1 in 3 Dutch people don’t like injections. You might feel nervous about going to the vaccination centre. That's a shame because a vaccination will protect you against serious illness.

Advice for people who are nervous about an injection (in Dutch)

I am uncertain because I have read different information online

Many people get information about the coronavirus vaccination from the internet and social media. Information can spread very quickly. Sometimes there’s little time to check whether it is correct. But not all of it is true. Sometimes it's just people’s opinions, which can sound very convincing. And sometimes it’s based on assumptions. This also happens with respect to the coronavirus vaccination.

Make sure to get accurate information

Not convinced?

Vaccination against coronavirus is not compulsory. Take your time to think it over. Talk about it with your friends and family.

If you’d like to know how many people have already been vaccinated, you can look at the vaccination dashboard:

Coronavirus dashboard

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