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Unless otherwise stated, the Creative Commons zero statement (CC0) applies to the content of this website. This means that reusing the content of this site is permitted unless a certain part of it (such as a document) states that that part is subject to copyright.

Image exception

The CC0 statement does not apply to photos, videos, infographics or any other form of image. It is therefore not permitted to reuse or transmit images unless there is a specific statement alongside the image that this is permitted. When reusing the image, the name of the creator – if stated – must be included. In addition, when citing the content, the impression should not be created that the Dutch government endorses the content or argumentation of the text from which the citation is taken.


The editors of this website have exercised great care with regard to copyright on the images published. If you believe that this has not been done or not correctly done with respect to an image, please contact us via e-mail at prikkenzonderafspraak@minvws.nl.

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