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An accessible website is easier to use for all target groups. For this reason, the ‘Temporary Decision on Government Digital Accessibility’ stipulates that government websites must comply with accessibility requirements laid down in EN 301 549/WCAG 2.1 and must account for this in an accessibility statement.

This statement can only be drafted after a thorough investigation by a designated agency. Because this website is still under development, and both technical and editorial aspects are subject to change, we expect to be able to publish this statement in a few months.

Accessibility guarantee

We guarantee optimum accessibility by taking the following measures within our processes:

  • Accessibility 'by design': accessibility is part of every step in the process of designing, building and editing our website from the start.
  • Research: independent experts regularly check (parts of) the website for accessibility. This includes both functional-technical parts and editorial aspects. We resolve any problems identified in a structural manner.
  • Knowledge of employees: our employees keep their knowledge about accessibility up to date and apply it where necessary.

Reporting accessibility issues

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at prikkenzonderafspraak@minvws.nl.

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